Chapter one begins with a flashback from the perspective of Brady.
  • After all this time, I still ask myself: Was it my fault?
    • What would have happened if I had called out a warning?
    • What would have happened if I had kept my mouth shut later?
    • Would JT, Digger, and I still be friends?
    • Would the DiAngelos still be living next door?
  • If none of this had happened, I would still be crabbing on the river.(Told dad engine on boat was broken...
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  • Corsica River
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  • bushel%20of%20crabs.jpg
    Jimmies: Hard Shelled Crabs

  • Characters:
    • Childhood friends:
      • Digger:
      • JT
    • Cousin Carl: paramedic
    • Mom
    • Sister
    • Tilly (Yellow Lab)